des (1-3) igf-1

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Name:Somedin-DES (IGF1-DES)
Manufacturer: Western Bio-tech
Dosage:1 kit, 5 vials – 200 mcg per vial, 1000 mcg per kit


Minimum quantity for this product is: 3


DES (1-3) IGF-1 – is enhanced insulin-like growth factor used to increase and enhance muscle endurance. Actively used by athletes and those who are interested in powerlifting. The drug is completely safe and can be used as a safe doping, even by people with no experience in the use of peptides.

The main feature of the drug is that it is effective regardless of the diet intake. Even when there are significant errors in the diet, it does not increase fat tissue and muscles continues to increase in volume. Under the influence of components in the body takes place the activation of muscle cells that are dormant. As a result, there is a pronounced muscle growth. It is important to note that a more lasting effect is observed in young people, because their bodies are more sensitive to this component. At the same time, with the proper combination of Somedin-DES with other peptides is possible to achieve the desired result regardless of the age of the athlete.


– stimulation of the growth of muscle cells;

– reducing the amount of body fat;

– increase endurance and strength;

– strengthening the cartilage and ligaments;

– improved metabolic processes;

At the same time, it is important to identify other positive characteristics of the preparation. First of all, it’s pronounced anti-aging properties. During the cycle of Somedin IGF-1 DES, are taking place an improvement in the status of the skin, reducing blood cholesterol levels, increase resistance to stress and normalization of the heart.

Before you buy Somedin-DES, you should carefully examine the annotations to the drug. According to it, the active components in high doses may provoke hyperplasia in body, in particular the prostate gland. For this reason, you need to avoid any deviation, visiting a doctor, and after passing inspection.

Somedin IGF-1 DES Composition

Structurally, the difference between DES and regular IGF-1 is in the molecular modification truncation 3th molecules of IGF-1 chain. This is the result form of truncated IGF-1, which is almost 5 times more powerful than the IGF-1 LR3 and 10 times more powerful than normal IGF-1. Also has a very low affinity for proteins, only 1%, which makes DES extremely acceptable IGF-1 form, whereas normal IGF-1, more will bind to the proteins, which leads to inactive and unavailable for use by skeletal muscle. DES has the ability to join a deformed receptors lactic acid (during training, formed by lactic acid in the muscle tissue which can temporarily deform the IGF-1 receptor, preventing IGF-1 by joining them at this time) that allows you to start building muscles during exercise.

Somedin IGF-1 DES Dosage

Dosage is determined individually. Experienced athletes should take at a time no more than 100 mcg. This is a daily dose solution. Injections of IGF-1 DES are not made every day, but with an interval of 1-2 days. Thus, you get the in 2-3 injections per week. To achieve better results with this peptide, it should be administered during training.

It is also permitted to use a different scheme. The drug is administered after 10-12 hours. The duration of such a cycle is about 4-12 weeks. To prevent habituation is recommended to make a break between cycles by five weeks.